Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy allows you to spot defects in high impact, high stress environments before equipment is manufactured. From electronics to wind turbines, Acuren investigates materials to ensure that they can hold up to the stress of everyday operation.

What is electron microscopy?

Electron microscopy uses electron microscopes to discover cracks as small as 0.1 nanometers in width. This gives inspectors an immense amount of power.

The microscopes shoot waves of electrons to magnify an image of any device. What was once invisible to the naked eye becomes readily apparent.

Why are electron microscopes used in failure analysis?

Consider an airplane engine. Engines reach up to 2000 degrees celsius while spinning at up to 1600 kilometers per hour. This creates an immense amount of stress.

Cracks less than the size of 1 nanometer in the manufacturing process have caused deadly accidents decades after being produced. Each incident typically accompanies new laws and regulations.

Electron microscopes examine materials to ensure that they are up to par with safety standards. The ability to see at the nanometer level makes them immensely powerful.

Failure Analysis in Semiconductors

These microscopes commonly appear in the semiconductor industry where they are used to determine the results of tests performed on microchips and semiconductors.

The shrinking size of devices in today’s world means that electron microscopes are among the only devices capable of carrying out quality insurance. IBM announced that it contained two nanometer chip technology in May of 2021 with major producer TSM not far behind.

Production at such sizes begins in 2023. Electron microscopes will play an important role in maintaining high quality standards.

Spotting Problems in New Materials

It is no secret that materials science continues to evolve at a quick pace. New materials promise to provide enormous leaps forward in technology. However, they are untested and unknown.

Grab the power of these new discoveries without risking a major failure. Electron microscopy is perfect for finding defects before they become more serious.

Limitations of Electron Microscopy

Due to their size, electron microscopes work well when assuring materials for manufacturing. The devices can be as large as a small refrigerator or air conditioner.

While they work well when testing materials or investigating accidents, other methods are necessary for equipment in production. Acuren performs ultrasonic imaging to help you look inside containers and can perform other tests to keep your systems from failing.

Should my firm use electron microscopy in inspections?

If you expect your product to encounter immense force or are working with small devices, you should at least consider electron microscopy. Quality products maintain a reputation while poor quality destroys it.

Acuren offers powerful failure analysis using electron microscopes while helping you maintain quality with inspection as well. Create an all-encompassing quality assurance solution to maintain your reputation as a leader or risk the ramifications of avoidable failures.

To find out more about our failure analysis services, get in touch today at 1-800-218-7450 or visit us online. We look forward to answering your questions.


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