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Read below to learn more about the features of the award-winning StruXure pergolas.

Fully Extruded Aluminum Components

Every major component is made of fully extruded aluminum. The extruded aluminum process has been employed since 1797. Most companies use a cheap, roll-formed aluminum. Extruded aluminum has a higher tensile strength and is comparable to steel when it comes to strength. The durability this provides allows for a longer-spanned system without deflection. It will not dent when a hailstorm hits or if items are thrown at it.

Here is a visual representation of aluminum types:

Aluminum comparison

Extruded Aluminum vs. Rolled/Cold Form Aluminum

Patented Interlocking Louvers

The patented interlocking louver design provides superior performance in rainy conditions. The way our systems are engineered guarantee that water will not leak from the louvers. There is no such thing as 99% watertight – that means it isn’t. Our systems are 100% watertight. Homes and businesses such as resorts, restaurants, country clubs cannot afford the risk of not having a watertight roof which is why we are trusted amongst huge commercial projects such as The Winery in La Jolla, Beverly Hills Plaza, LA Arboretum, Finney’s Crafthouse in LA, Tilted Kilt in Orange, Sauced BBQ & Spirits in Orange, The Habana in Irvine, BJ’s in La Jolla, – these are just a few of our personal projects, StruXure is taking over the USA and has thousands of projects across America.

Range of Motion

Our state-of-the-art “smart louver” technology pivots 170 degrees to control sun and shade with the touch of a button or phone.

360º Integrated Gutter System

Every StruXure has a fully extruded 5 ½” gutter system that encompasses the perimeter of each zone, creating a super water management system. The posts are utilized as downspouts and provide a clean, modern, minimalist look.

  • StruXure revolutionized the gutter corner connector system, including the development of it’s patented “pass-through” gutter system for multiple zones.
  • The 7” commercial gutter system has a 4” lip to handle three times the amount of water as our “standard” gutter – making this the perfect solution for extreme rainy locations.


StruXure systems are rustproof, watertight, and fire-proof, scratch-proof, graffiti proof
Many clients live in a high-fire zone – we have seen houses not make it, but StruXure’s survive.

Premium Powder Coating Process

StruXure uses PPG 2604

  • For more than 30 years, PPG powder-coating has provided this elite powder which is a protective barrier than resists marring, weathering, corrosion, and abrasion
  • This is a light commercial-grade premium chemical texture with a matte finish – StruXure includes this specialty coating for all color options

StruXure OS powered by Somfy® – Smart Motor Technology

StruXure partnered with Somfy® to offer customers the technologically advanced system available on the market. Somfy® has been the world’s leading engineering service / centralized equipment control for over 50 years. Their presence is well-established in almost 60 countries. Somfy® customized its’ actuator to work specifically with StruXure’s Pivot and Pivot XL. The motor is cycle-tested to ensure speed and limited noise – it is almost silent when in motion.

Somfy controls StruXure in multiple ways including: handheld remotes and wireless wall switches. Somfy® also offers a Somfy MyLink ™ feature which enables system control via smart phone, tablet, voice-activation via any home automation system, and Amazon Alexa.

The Somfy® motor is backed by a 7-year warranty exclusively for StruXure customers.

Technologically Advanced Optional Features

StruXure’s operating system can be integrated with superior features:

  • Rain Sensor – This optional feature provides you additional support when it rains. All StruXure systems are 100% watertight, but this option removes the need for you to close the cover when it rains, or even when you think it will. This device senses rain and will automatically close for you so never have to worry about your furniture, equipment, or your guests feel the rain.
  • Wind Sensor – A wind sensor can be programmed to open/close the louvered roof at your chosen preset wind-speeds. All StruXure systems are engineered to withstand hurricane winds over 100mph, and this option alleviates the need to close/open them yourself during high winds


StruXure systems are engineered to withstand hurricane winds over 100mph.

StruXure Care

Some dealers can offer an annual maintenance program to check all components, lubricate the track pins and power wash and wipe down the system. We recommend that all commercial jobs be lightly pressure washed and wiped down twice a year. This enables a much longer life to the finish and keeps the system looking “like new” for the life of the system.

Made in the USA

StruXure systems are manufactured in the USA. StruXure has two, 30,000sq.ft. fabrication facilities. One is on the East Coast in Dahlonega, GA and other in Henderson, NV.

We have our own distribution center located locally in San Dimas. All material undergoes an extensive inspection process throughout manufacturing, shipping, and delivery to your residence.

About StruXure

  • StruXure was proudly acquired by Azek, a billion dollar pubically traded company
  • StruXure was on Inc 5000 list for 7 consecutive years “America’s Fastest Growing Private CO’s”
  • Best Outdoor Product at IBS 2020

Gone Green:

Both of StruXure’s existing product lines are made from up to 50% recycled aluminum and support AZEK’s commitment to ESG stewardship and its strategy to accelerate the use of recycled material in the industry. In fiscal year 2021, AZEK used 500-million pounds of scrap and waste, approximately halfway to its goal of using one-billion pounds annually by the end of 2026.

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