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What is a StruXure?

A StruXure is the world’s smartest patio roof. It opens and closes with an app on your smartphone, remote, Alexa, or other home automation system. The louvers pivot 170 degrees and can stop anywhere in between.

How are StruXure’s controlled?

The most popular option is the motorized option which is powered by Somfy RTS Technologies (using a smart device). You can also operate the louvers manually with a hand crank.

How will it hold up in my climate?

Our system is the most durable pergola system on the market today. It has been specifically engineered to withstand hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads and everything in between. Made of fully extruded aluminum, StruXure products can hold up to virtually any environmental conditions

How does StruXure work in the rain?

All StruXure’s are completely watertight when closed!
The unique louver profile allows the louvers to interlock, creating the largest rain channels in the industry. This allows more water to flow freely into our 360-degree integrated gutter system. StruXure’s patented ‘pass through gutter’ technology lets water pass from one zone to the next allowing for superior drainage performance.

What is the longest span you can cover?

Our largest single zone is 12’ wide by 20’ long. We can cover any size desired by connecting the zones. We can incorporate our StruXure beam chase in-between each zone to provide access for lights, fans, speakers or other items offering a ‘built-in’ look.

What is your warranty?

We have a few options for you to choose from!
StruXure Is backed by a transferable, limited lifetime warranty. View the warranty here: