Design Considerations for Your Dream Patio

Introduction to Luxury Patios

As the concept of outdoor living has evolved, so has the desire for Luxury Patios. These oases offer more than just a space to enjoy fresh air–they are a testament to personalized luxury, comfort, and innovative design. At Smart Patio Plus, we specialize in revolutionizing how people experience their outdoor environments, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with our cutting-edge StruXure patio covers.

Design Considerations for Your Dream Patio

Understanding Your Space

Before embarking on the journey to create your Luxury Patio, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of your existing space. This includes considering the size, the natural surroundings, and how the sun’s path affects your area. With our customizable StruXure patio covers, we tailor each solution to perfectly fit and enhance your outdoor living area.

Selecting the Right Features

Choosing the right features for your Luxury Patio can significantly impact its functionality and ambiance. From integrated lighting to motorized louvers that adjust with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, our products are designed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Material Quality and Durability

At the heart of our designs is a commitment to sustainability and durability. Each StruXure patio cover we offer is constructed with fully extruded aluminum and manufactured in the US, ensuring that your Luxury Patio stands the test of time while reducing environmental impact.

Integration with Technology

In today’s digital age, a Luxury Patio isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s also about smart integration. Our patio covers are equipped with Somfy RTS® Technology and are compatible with home automation systems like Alexa. This seamless integration ensures that controlling the amount of sun and shade is as easy as a simple voice command.

The Power of Customization

Every individual’s vision of a Luxury Patio is unique, which is why customization lies at the core of our approach. Whether you’re aiming for a design that complements a historical architecture or a sleek, ultra-modern look, our team works closely with you to bring your dream outdoor living space to life.

Commercial Solutions

Our expertise isn’t limited to residential spaces. With models like the Pivot 6 XL, we’re also equipped to enhance commercial venues, offering expansive coverage that can transform any outdoor commercial area into a welcoming space for customers.

What Our Clients Say

  • “The team at Smart Patio Plus went above and beyond to create an outdoor space that exceeded our expectations. The quality of work and attention to detail were exceptional.”

  • “Our StruXure patio cover has been a game-changer for our home. Its durability and ease of use are unmatched. Highly recommend!”

Experience Our Showroom

We invite you to visit our Grand Showroom–StruXure Land in Fountain Valley, CA. Here, you can experience the world’s smartest patio cover firsthand and envision the potential for your own outdoor space. Let us help you transform your patio into a luxurious retreat that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor living, Luxury Patios remain at the forefront of our mission. With innovation, sustainability, and customization as our guiding principles, Smart Patio Plus is dedicated to delivering exceptional outdoor experiences. Contact us today to begin the journey towards the luxury outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of.

The Power of Customization

What Defines a Luxury Patio, and How Does It Enhance Outdoor Living?

At Smart Patio Plus, a luxury patio is not just an outdoor space; it’s a testament to personalized luxury, innovative design, and comfort. It revolutionizes the way people experience their outdoors, transforming an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary oasis. Imagine sitting beneath a StruXure patio cover, where with just a touch of a button or a simple voice command, you adjust the louvers for the perfect amount of sunlight or shade. This is where functionality meets elegance, making every moment spent outdoors a luxurious experience. But it’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s also about how these spaces can enhance your lifestyle, providing a serene retreat for relaxation or a dynamic area for entertaining guests. Have you considered how a luxury patio could change the way you view your outdoor living space?

How Do Customization Options Impact the Design of Luxury Patios?

Customization lies at the heart of creating a luxury patio that reflects your unique style and meets your specific needs. At Smart Patio Plus, we understand that no two dreams are alike. Whether you’re drawn to a design that complements historical architecture or prefer something sleek and ultra-modern, our StruXure patio covers are tailor-made to bring your vision to life. This customization extends beyond aesthetics to functionality, with features like integrated lighting and motorized louvers. These personalized touches not only enhance the beauty and utility of your outdoor space but also turn your patio into a true extension of your home. In essence, customization empowers you to reimagine your outdoor living area without limits. What unique features would make your luxury patio truly yours?

How Does Integrating Technology into Patio Designs Enhance User Experience?

In today’s digital age, incorporating technology into patio designs is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for those seeking the ultimate in convenience and control. Our StruXure patio covers are a prime example, equipped with Somfy RTS® Technology and compatible with home automation systems like Alexa. This seamless integration allows you to adjust your outdoor environment effortlessly, creating the perfect ambiance with just your voice. Imagine hosting a dinner party and being able to adjust the lighting and cover settings without ever leaving your guests. It’s this kind of smart integration that elevates the user experience, making luxury patios not just about beautiful design but also about creating smart, responsive outdoor spaces. How important is technology integration to your ideal outdoor living space?

How Do Sustainability and Durability Factor into the Construction of Luxury Patios?

At Smart Patio Plus, sustainability and durability are not just buzzwords; they’re integral to our approach in creating luxury patios that stand the test of time. Our StruXure patio covers are constructed with fully extruded aluminum and manufactured in the US, ensuring not only their longevity but also their minimal environmental impact. By choosing durable, sustainable materials, we ensure that your luxury patio remains a source of joy and comfort for years to come, withstanding the elements and the passage of time. Moreover, this commitment to sustainability reflects a broader responsibility to our planet, ensuring that we enjoy our outdoor spaces without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Have you thought about how the materials and construction of your patio can reflect your values?

What Solutions Does Smart Patio Plus Offer for Commercial Spaces?

Our expertise in creating luxury patios extends beyond residential areas to commercial venues as well. With models like the Pivot 6 XL, we offer solutions designed to transform any outdoor commercial area into a welcoming, luxurious space for customers. From restaurants and cafes to boutique hotels, our commercial-grade StruXure patio covers provide expansive coverage, ensuring that businesses can offer their customers an exceptional outdoor experience. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the venue but also increases functional outdoor seating space, potentially boosting business. Imagine customers enjoying a meal or a coffee under the comfortable shade of a StruXure patio cover, turning a simple visit into a memorable experience. How could a luxury patio elevate your commercial space?


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