Patio Covers Los Angeles

At Smart Patio Plus, we sell top-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and wooden patio covers in Los Angeles. We offer customizable systems to fit your home’s unique requirements at affordable prices.

What is a louvered roof?

Louvered roofs are high-end outdoor and patio roofing systems that allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces regardless of the climatic conditions. It is a great way to enjoy lunches and dinners outdoors or host parties in hot summers or cold winters. Louvered roof systems contain durable extruded aluminum, which blocks the sunlight during the day. Furthermore, these systems also allow homeowners to control the amount of sunlight that they receive at the touch of a button.

The louvers offer perfect ventilation and are built with gutters to catch any rainwater automatically. We make our patio covers in Los Angeles in such a way that it can withstand heavy downpours and endure harsh heat without causing any problems. Our structures come with a wide range of attractive colors and designs to complement your home style and backyard landscape.

Cost of louvered roof system

On average, a louvered roof can cost anywhere from $80 – $250 per square feet. This price may vary based on factors like the size of your louvered roof, the design you choose, the type of paint, etc. Larger roofs cost more, and any design beyond the standard rectangular roof can cost extra.

If you live in locations with frequent winds and heavy rains, your roof may require extra reinforcements to withstand such harsh climatic conditions. Choose a contractor that uses the best materials and design for the construction of the roof at a lower cost.

Aluminum patio covers Vs. wood patio covers

A patio cover is a great option to offer shade to your patio and make the space more approachable regardless of the weather. The two common types of patio covers are wooden patio roofs and aluminum roofs.

Wooden louvered roofs blend in with the natural environment and complement the styles of most homes. Wooden patio roofs are strong and sturdy in comparison to aluminum roofs and are more resistant to bending or twisting. However, it requires more maintenance as heavy rains can allow moisture to seep in, and this can lead to termite damage. Furthermore, wooden louvered roofs are also prone to cracking and fading due to constant exposure to heat and sunlight.

On the other hand, Aluminium patio covers do not require much upkeep and are much easier to maintain than wood. It is more resistant to high heat, heavy rainfall, and rust. It is more durable than wood and lasts for several years without causing any issues. However, it can be pricier than wooden roofs.

Get in touch with one of us at Smart Patio Plus for more details on our range of patio covers in Los Angeles. Our in-house design professionals can help you with a photo-realistic 3D rendering of the patio cover.