Customization and Design

Introduction to Smart Patio Covers

Imagine transforming your outdoor living space into a year-round haven for relaxation and entertainment. At Smart Patio Plus, we specialize in bringing this vision to life with our innovative patio cover solutions. Our focus on the StruXure patio cover system underscores our commitment to enhancing outdoor areas with style, functionality, and a touch of modernity. Let’s dive into what makes our patio covers a must-have for homeowners and businesses alike in Orange County.

Customization and Design

The StruXure System

At the heart of our offerings is the StruXure patio cover system. Designed to adapt to your outdoor living needs, it features adjustable louvers that pivot or slide at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Constructed with sustainability in mind, every component is crafted from fully extruded aluminum, promising both durability and aesthetic appeal. What’s more, our patio covers are customizable in a variety of colors to seamlessly complement any architectural style, from the classic to the contemporary.

Advanced Technological Features

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the advanced technological features of our patio covers. Utilizing Somfy RTS® Technology and compatibility with home automation systems like Alexa, the StruXure system offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you crave full sunlight or ample shade, our patio covers adjust to create optimal outdoor conditions. This blend of functionality and design excellence ensures your Patio Covers Orange County project meets not just your aesthetic goals but also your lifestyle needs.

Why Choose Us?

A Customer-Centric Approach

Our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations sets us apart. Each StruXure order is custom-built, allowing us to deliver unique patio cover solutions tailored to our clients’ specifications. This personal touch, combined with our professional expertise, ensures a seamless transformation of your outdoor space.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Being an awarded Dealer of the Year for the 5th consecutive year and achieving Diamond Dealer status on the West Coast are testaments to our commitment to excellence. Our clients trust us for not only the innovative design of our patio covers but also their enduring quality. Constructed to withstand the test of time, our patio covers promise lasting beauty and functionality.

Commercial Solutions

Our expertise extends beyond residential projects. Understanding the unique demands of commercial spaces, we offer models like the Pivot 6 XL, designed to span larger areas. Whether it’s a restaurant terrace or a corporate outdoor lounge, our patio covers elevate any commercial setting, combining luxury with practicality.

Hearing from Our Clients

Nothing speaks louder than the satisfaction of our clients. With numerous positive reviews, our customers highlight our responsiveness, craftsmanship, and the transformative impact of our patio covers on their outdoor living spaces. These testimonials underscore our passion for creating not just patio covers but lasting outdoor retreats for families and businesses in Orange County.

Visit Our Grand Showroom

Experience the world’s smartest patio cover first-hand by visiting our Grand Showroom in Fountain Valley, CA. Dubbed StruXure Land, it’s a place where imagination meets reality, offering a glimpse into the potential of your outdoor space. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the customization process, ensuring your Patio Covers Orange County project reflects your unique vision and lifestyle.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

In conclusion, choosing Smart Patio Plus for your Patio Covers Orange County project means opting for a blend of innovation, style, and unmatched quality. Whether you’re looking to enhance a residential backyard or a commercial outdoor area, our patio covers offer the perfect solution. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for transforming outdoor spaces, we invite you to join us in reimagining outdoor living. Discover the difference that a Smart Patio Plus cover can make in your life.

Hearing from Our Clients

Why Should I Choose the StruXure System for My Patio Cover in Orange County?

Opting for the StruXure system for your patio cover in Orange County means you’re not just getting a standard patio cover; you’re investing in a lifestyle upgrade. StruXure stands out because of its precision engineering and innovative design, allowing for adjustments that cater to the ever-changing outdoor conditions. At Smart Patio Plus, we’ve seen how these covers transform spaces: imagine hosting a dinner and, at the touch of a button, adjusting the louvers for that perfect sunset light without worrying about the evening chill or unexpected drizzle. It’s this combination of functionality, beauty, and the ability to withstand Orange County’s diverse weather that makes StruXure an excellent choice. Plus, its compatibility with home automation systems adds that modern touch every upscale home deserves. Have you thought about how technology could enhance your outdoor living?

What Customization Options Are Available for My Patio Cover?

When we discuss customization at Smart Patio Plus, we’re talking about creating a patio cover that feels as if it was always meant to be part of your home. The StruXure system offers a broad spectrum of colors, finishes, and materials that can match any architectural style, from the sleek and contemporary to the timeless and classic. Beyond aesthetics, functionality plays a key role in customization. With adjustable louvers, you can control sunlight, airflow, and even rain protection. We’ve worked with clients who initially didn’t realize the breadth of customization available – from integrating lighting for ambiance to adding fans for comfort on hot days. What specific features do you envision for your ideal outdoor space?

How Durable Are Smart Patio Plus Patio Covers, and What Maintenance Do They Require?

Our patio covers are built to last. We choose materials like fully extruded aluminum for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making it perfect for Orange County’s climate. Regarding maintenance, the beauty of our StruXure systems lies in their low maintenance requirements. A simple routine cleaning, like a gentle wash with soap and water, usually suffices to keep your patio cover looking new. We also recommend a periodic check to ensure the mechanical parts function smoothly. Many of our clients are surprised at how little upkeep is needed to maintain their patio’s appearance and functionality over the years. Is ease of maintenance important to you when considering outdoor improvements?

Can StruXure Patio Covers Be Used for Commercial Projects?

Absolutely, and they’re a game changer for commercial spaces. Our StruXure systems, especially models like the Pivot 6 XL, are designed to span large areas without sacrificing style or functionality. This makes them ideal for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses aiming to maximize their outdoor seating area’s comfort and appeal, regardless of weather conditions. We’ve seen businesses transform their outdoor spaces into year-round attractions, significantly boosting their appeal and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the added value of creating a comfortable outdoor environment can set a business apart in competitive markets. Have you considered the impact of outdoor space on your business’s success?

What Can I Expect When Visiting the Smart Patio Plus Showroom?

Visiting our Grand Showroom, affectionately known as StruXure Land, is an immersive experience designed to inspire and excite you about the possibilities for your outdoor space. You’ll not only see the wide range of customization options available but also experience the functionality of the StruXure system firsthand. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from design concepts to materials selection, ensuring your vision for a transformed outdoor living area is fully realized. Clients often share how the showroom visit helped them visualize the potential of their own spaces in ways they hadn’t imagined before. Are you ready to explore how we can bring your outdoor living dreams to life?